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12 1/4 inch IADC537 Tricone Bit

basic information
Product description
Technical  Parameters
Bit Size 311.1mm
IADC Code 537G
Connection 6 5/8"API reg pin
Nozzle Qty 3NZ
Make up Torque(KN.m) 16.3~21.7
Operating Parameter
Rotary Speed(rpm) 80~40
Weight on Bit(KN/MM) 0.5~1.2
Formation Hard formation with high compressive strength ,such as limestone,sandstone,dolomite,hard gypsum,marble,etc.

Cutting Structure
The wear-resistance of the teeth is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for the steel tooth bit.The durability of premium tungsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit
Gauge Structure
Multiple gague protection with gauge trimmers on the heel and gauge inserts on the gauge surface of the cone,tungsten carbide inserts and hardfacing on the shirttail increases gauge holding capacity and bearing life.
Bearing Structure
High precision journal bearing with two thrust faces,Balls lock the cone.Hardfaced head bearing surface.Cone bearing inlaid with friction-reducing alloy and then silver-plated.Abrasion resistance and seizure of the bearing are improved.and suitable for high rotary speed
Seal and Lubrication
The advanced metal seal package consists of two metal seals and two elastic energizers.Compressed energizers ensure good contact being kept on two sealing surfaces of metal rings by elastic force,and achieves the bearing seal.In the drilling,metal seals are relatively dynamic,and the energizers are static.This will improve the reliability and durability of bearing seal.The pressure compensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.
Company Information
Hebei Yichuan Drilling Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and design. We specialize in researching and production of TCI Tricone Bit, Steel Tooth tricone bit, PDC bit, Drag bit, HDD hole opener, Tricone bit cutter and Drilling Accessories. Application fields include oil well drilling, gas well drilling, geothermal well drilling, mining, geological survey, hydrographic survey, water well drilling, HDD pipelinesprojects, foundation projects.
Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service to our customers. We have professional R&D team, advanced equipment and precision instruments. Reduce the cost, Speed the drilling, guarantee the safety is always our aim.
Win-win cooperation is our ultimate pursuit. Contact us anytime if you are looking for a drill bit manufacturer.






Our Services
1 We supply good quality goods at competitive price
2 We not only have our own design but also accept customization
3 Fast and on time delivery
4 Every bit has it's quality assurance
5 Contact us anytime if you have any question with bits.
6 24 hours on time reply

First of all we want you to know that we are a manufacturer loacted in Hejian City, Hebei Province, China. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years.
We have many clients from all over the world and we serve our clients with not only reasonable price, but also reliable quality. We cherish every client and we're thankful for our clients' trust. So please believe us, we will supply you with the most genuine goods.
1 Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes and we have been manufacturing drill bits for more than 20 years.
2 Q: Where are you located in?
A: We are located in Hejian City Cangzhou City Hebei China
3 Q:What's your main product?
A: Our main products include TCI tricone bit, Steel tooth tricone bit, sigle cone bit, HDD HOLE OPPENER and so on. For some products such as drag bits, we can also produce as per your demand.
4 Q: What's your MOQ?
A: Our MOQ is 5 pieces, but if you just want one sample for testing quality, it's also acceptable for us.
5 Q: What's the lead time?
A: We will delivery goods within 7 days if we have goods in stock; for other circumstances, we will negotiate with you.
6 Q: Do you have used drill bit ?
A: Yes we have and price are very competitive, welcome to inquire anytime.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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